Motto 2017-18: "MY SCHOOL, MY FUTURE"Our mission is to provide a school system which works in collaboration with families and community, To provide a safe and nurturing environment to all our students


The school library is accessible for all the students of the school. Library is housed in spacious room with an area of 1833 sq.ft. The total number of books exceeds 10000, with additions being made annually to the extent of approximately 200. There is 3 computers which can be used by the students for accessing internet and for browsing the book lists

There are sections devoted to text books and reference books, Board Examination Reviews, fiction, drama, poetry, books on travel, environment, animal care, life skills, disaster management, and many other topics. There are also hobby-related and activity-oriented books that promote self-study and 'learning by doing.

There is a separate section for CD-ROMs, with around 350 CDs. The library subscribes to around 28 periodicals of which 8 are general periodicals, 1 sports magazine, 6 periodicals for the junior students, 7 periodicals specializing in subjects, and 1 computer magazine. The Dewey decimal classification scheme is followed for the shelf arrangement. Taking into consideration the present curriculum and also the future growth of the library, the Browne Charging System (Card System) is being followed for issuing books.

Two qualified librarians guide the students in reference skills and efficient reading habits. To promote the use of books among children, Book Exhibitions are conducted in the School premises by publishers and book sellers, where the students are able to purchase books of their choice.

Number of Reference Books (2013 - 2014 - classwise

  • IX - 200
  • X - 200
  • XI - 250
  • XII - 300
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