Motto 2017-18: "MY SCHOOL, MY FUTURE"Our mission is to provide a school system which works in collaboration with families and community, To provide a safe and nurturing environment to all our students

Senior Secondary

After passing the AISSE (X grade), students join the Senior Secondary section. At this point, they choose their stream of specialization.


The following combinations are offered:


o  English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

o  English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science

o  English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

o  English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-technology

o English, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Mathematics/Informatics Practices

Graded subjects: Work Experience, General Studies, Physical Education

The Standard XI end-of-term examinations are in-house whereas at the end of Standard XII, students are enrolled for the Board examination (AISSCE).

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