Motto 2017-18: "MY SCHOOL, MY FUTURE"Our mission is to provide a school system which works in collaboration with families and community, To provide a safe and nurturing environment to all our students

Organization History

Toc H Public School is owned and managed by the Toc H Public School Society, Kochi. This is a charitable organization (Reg.No. ER118/78, 17/05/1978) which has drawn inspiration from Toc H International.


Toc H International was founded by Rev. Tubby Clayton, an army chaplain, in a tall white house in Poperinge, Belgium, during the First World War. Talbot House, as the house was called - or Toc H in signaler's code - provided a haven of rest and refuge for wounded and sick soldiers.


With the restoration of peace in 1918, Toc H became a world wide movement offering solace and succor, and providing a forum for community activity. From that time, through the Second World War, to this day, Toc H has continued to exercise a beneficent influence, building better communities, calming hostilities and effecting reconciliation. And it has become a worldwide family with members and staff drawn from different countries, cultures and linguistic groups, and diverse ethnic backgrounds.


The present Head Quarters of Toc H International is in U.K. and their motto is :


o                To think fairly

o                To love widely

o                To build bravely and

o                To witness humbly


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