Motto 2016-17: "My School My Second Home"Our mission is to provide a school system which works in collaboration with families and community, To provide a safe and nurturing environment to all our students

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Education starts from home. Learning takes place in the best way in a secure and comfortable environment. Home is the most secure place and we often say that we are at home with......

The home atmosphere is to be extended to school as well, to acquire good learning outcomes. The circumstances may vary in different homes where as the school provides more or less a uniform setting to all the students.

"My School, My Second Home" is the motto for this academic year 2016-17. The school is no doubt is a formal setting. Thus the formal school setting should act as correction centres for students. It should supplement and complement what is unavailable or available at home for good formation.

Acquiring good social skills values and practicing them in the school context will definitely help every student to convert the school into a land of bliss. The joy of achieving more and more in academic skills and feeling significance is indeed home atmosphere.

Wishing all students a great academic year with good accomplishments and all should be able to say "My School, My Second Sweet Home from where I learned the art of loving and the joy of living together".

Warm regards,


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